Saturday, February 23, 2008

Greetings, as moderator of the Pyramid Zen Society blog I invite you to comment, present ideas, and get involved in the Search for TRUTH. From time to time I will initiate a project of sorts, or an idea that may shed light on the subject. My mind has been in research mode lately, so I thought it might stir things up a bit if we had some new material to chew on. I invite you to submit references you might run across in literature, sacred writings, even movies, or perhaps a song, that relates to Enlightenment or the search for Truth. Please be sure to include a detailed description of the source of your material. We can then comment on these things and maybe get a little insight in the process. Keep in mind that this blog focuses primarily on the philosophy of Richard Rose, and while Rose said to lave no stone unturned, we still need to maintain some framework for investigation. By this I mean that this should not end up as a platform for anyone's personal agenda, or to be a soap-box for self promotion. If we keep it to the point and honest we may get somewhere.

Your moderator,
John Rose

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Joe B said...

I am appreciate how the internet has allowed the obscure people to bubble up. I would not know of any of them, including Richard Rose, without it.

I found the internet has become an important tool in my journey.

As a topic I would be interested in having others comment on the relationship of the internet to their enlightenment journey.