Monday, December 04, 2006

Here is a little food for thought taken from a lecture of Richard Rose's entitled ENERGY AND ENTITIES. It addresses the subject of energy, a fundamental aspect of the Spiritual Path."The spiritual realm and the mental realm are pretty much the same thing, and I'll tell you how I differentiate. We have what I call physical quantum energy. These are all representative in the human being. The physical quantum energy is energy that we get from food, and it's stored in our muscles and in our fat. The mental, or neural energy is energy that's in the nervous system and in the coil. The brain isn't much more than a coil with which if enough charge is thrown in there it can even broadcast. It can put out telepathic mental messages that another brain can pick up. This is where the mental dimension comes in, in the neural system. Now, we take this and we aspire to a spiritual system, and there is no vehicle for spiritual energy, but yet, spiritual energy develops. What we call spiritual energy. In other words, by the transmutation of food, we get material energy, we get as I said, body energy, caloric energy, heat, and kinetic energy. It's also stored in the glands incidentally. By the transmutation of the glandular energy, we get neural energy. The sublimation of this neural energy produces an automatic projection of what I would call spiritual energy, and you can project it not in the form of telepathy, but you can heal people with it, or you can tap a mind with it, and that mind can reach a realization with it, and this is the maximum value of all energy." More to come soon.